Monday, May 2, 2011

5 Easy Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home

Although Home Staging can sometimes be a precarious feat, these simple tips on prepping your home for sale can make the process much easier.

1. Remove YOU From the Home Staging Process: The place you’ve called home all these years is now a product that gets prepped, package and wrapped with a target buyer in mind. Your personal style, your taste, your needs and emotions get replaced with the requirements of the ideal buyer.

2. Look at Your Home in its Entirety: From curbside to back fence, to the online photos – You’re selling a package, not just the physical home. Today’s buyer is a smart and refined set, they expect from the moment they view photos online, to when they walk your backyard, that the home is pulled together tip to toe.

3. Consider the Stature & Style of Your Home: Whether cozy cottage or charming ch√Ęteau, your home’s style and stature dictates how you package the product. Set the stage by staying true to the bones of your home - from quality to price point, be well educated when making updates, repairs and furniture and accessories choices to stay true and in-tuned to the property’s standing.

4. You’re Selling Space not Stuff: From lawn accessories to garage gadgets, showcase the property’s architecture, floor plans, details and storage instead of the stuff you’ve accumulated. Instead, strategically use the stuff to define and highlight to these important selling points.

5. The Psychology of the 5 Senses: People buy on psychology & emotion and the 5 senses speak of all that is home. Make sure your property passes the 5 senses test and evokes the senses of home… Looks great and is light and bright, smells citrus clean and fresh, relaxing sounds and is tactically pleasing – especially in the kitchen and baths.