Monday, October 3, 2011

day something

wooey, life is busy when you return from vacation!  I gotta go to bed and get up early so this will be quick.   I took a picture of today's food but I'm too tired to download and post it, sorry.

Today I had a baked sweet potato and some small baked beets spread over 3 meals, salad spread over 3 meals, and a beans and greens meal spread over 3 meals.  The beans and greens were some cooked beans and grains from the freezer, added to that garden produce:  collards, leeks, broccoli, eggplant, mushrooms, basil, rosemary, parsley, tomatoes.   The salad was massaged kale, cabbage, red peppers, nuts and seeds, D'angou pear vinegar.    We went to a favorite store to buy frozen fruit for housemate's smoothies and I always snack on the many fruits they have available to snack on.  It amounts to about 1 serving of fruit because it's just tiny samples.  It's fun.  I also ate a plum that I bought.  Tonight I overate on carrots.  I have many weaknesses and one of them is eating during food prep.  I just really like to do that.  Rather than fight that battle right now, tomorrow I will just reserve a bunch of carrots to eat during food prep.  Since I'm gone all day, I prep my food the night before.

Good night, sleep well, have a great day tomorrow.  Have a great goal, obsess about it, be proud of it, plan to achieve it, enjoy the journey.  :)

Total calories today 1641 (more than enough), protein 68 g (12.3%), fat 24 g (12.5%), carbs 327 g (75.3%), fiber 84 g