Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Runner-Up(s)

Jan and Jerry.  Here is their report:

Afunny thing happened when I took my brother Jerry under my wing to help himlose weight...I lost weight too! He ended up losing more than 40 pounds on the"greens and beans" diet. And he got off his diabetic medications! Ilost only a few pounds but I reached a milestone weight that has been eludingme for a good long while.
Jerrydutifully texted me his weight and his blood sugar reading every morning. Thatgesture, I believe, helped him to keep his weight and health goals first andforemost in his mind. Those daily texts also provided him with accountability. I taught Jerry the acronym G-BOMBS (aka GOMBBS) to remind him what foods to eatevery day. It is such a simple but powerful and effective thesesix foods and regain your health. It's all about greens, beans, onions,mushrooms, berries, and seeds!  And teaching Jerry about healthy eatinghelped to reinforce the information for me.
Thisis not to say that it was all easy...there were temptations and slip-ups andother obstacles along the way.  Accountability and keeping it simple....that'sthe combination that led to a successful outcome. 
Weboth have more weight to lose and this six-week challenge was a great start.Thanks, Barb!